Frank ‘BULLET’ Marasco is nearing retirement, but he is still the meanest undercover cop in LA. Whether he’s fighting bad guys, or MMA style fights, he’s always the toughest guy around and the first to use his fists or gun. After another undercover drugs bust, BULLET comes up against the local drug barons – the Kane bros – and no side will back down. When the Governors’ daughter is kidnapped and then his grandson, BULLET takes the law into his own hands, and no one will stop his relentless pursuit for revenge.








Bullet (2014)
Danny Trejo ..... Frank
Jonathan Banks . Kane
Torsten Voges ... Kruger
Julia Dietze ......Brooke Madison
Max Perlich ..... Leroy
Tinsel Korey ..... Vanessa
John Savage ...... Governor Johnson
Eve Mauro ........ Samantha
Noel Gugliemi ...
Emilio Rivera .....Speedy
Eric St. John ..... Estes
Chuck Hittinger ...Kyle
Isaac C. Singleton Jr. ... Promoter
Alison Ball ....... Attorney General
Robert Blanche ...Tarvis
Eric Etebari ..... Manual Kane


Director:  Nick Lyon

Writer:     Nick Lyon

Producers: Robert Rodriguez /  Matthew Joynes / Todd Chamberlain

Executive Producers: Gen Fukunaga /  Chris Moujaes / April Bennett / Kevin Hicks





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